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Which subchassis/front axle for SCX McLaren F1 #60870?

PostPosted: Thu 03 Jan, 2019 9:41 pm
by coulthardm
Hi there.
I recently purchased an SCX F1 on Ebay with broken front suspension struts. So I am trying to locate a replacement subchassis/front axle for an SCX McLaren F1 "David" #60870. (Yes a replacement from the seller is possible too!)

There are three SCX subchassis/front axle types - none of the local slot car shops can tell me the answer - the usual answer is that SCX parts have not been available for a long time.

I think the Type 3 - SCX 88540 Jaguar F1 Subchassis With Front Axle - may be the correct one - just by comparing the pictures without measurements?
All three types are as follows:-
Type 1 #88080
Type 2 #88290
Type 3 #88540

All three of the subchassis/front axle types seem to be available on Ebay and various hobby shops worldwide for approx $10 + postage - but it would be good if someone could tell me, which one is actually correct for SCX#60870 - so I don't have to purchase all three types! (In fact a couple of the Australian slot shops advertise the subchassis/front axle on their websites - but tell me it is out of stock!)

If you know the answer please post on the Outhouse or email me directly -
Mark Coulthard