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Strip paint of your Slot cars easily

PostPosted: Sun 15 Jan, 2017 4:27 pm
by denny
DETTOL ,Ok I read about this stuff online .I looked for months then I discovered they meant just old fashion DETTOL antiseptic .It works great just mix .50/50 with water .I just put the mixture in a plastic Chinese meal container and leave it over night. I slowly worked up to this with every new brand just incase ,some take longer to strip than others .But it starts to work in under an Hour.I use a hard tooth brush to get into the grooves and panel lines.
So far ive stripped factory paint off Avant, Slot it. Fly, Ninco. still doing an old scaley Mini might need some caustic Soda to finish .Some get a little gummy ,I stripped that of by rinsing them in caustic soda.Ive stripped Tamiya paint and Testors paint of as well .It doesn't do well with Tamiya Polycarb though. works great on Old plastic models too.
I have 1 old AMT kit melt slightly but I remember using a Turps mix on it so I could just be that.
Coles sell a large 750 mil bottle for under $10 , DETTOL (Antiseptic Disinfectant Household grade ) with the cleaning products .don't look in the medical section it will cost you as much for a little bottle.
Never use Caustic Soda on those old flexible plastic scaley Bodies it Fs them.