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ARC ONE Powerbase Review

PostPosted: Thu 18 Jun, 2015 7:24 am
by dvd3500
Hi All,

I did a fairly lengthy review of the ARC ONE Powerbase.

I have no idea if the review is any good so constructive feedback appreciated.

It seemed just too long to post here.

Short version is: A great product and step in the right direction!

Re: ARC ONE Powerbase Review

PostPosted: Tue 23 Jun, 2015 12:44 am
by wixwacing

I checked out the ARC ONE power base and it certainly very futuristic. It seems great if you are having a couple of mates around who understand the technology for an afternoon but assuredly it will fade into the sands of time all too quickly as did RMS and its successors. Eventually most racers settle for more user friendly systems which are easy to use and 100% bullet proof.

Great review though and stick with it.

Re: ARC ONE Powerbase Review

PostPosted: Wed 24 Jun, 2015 6:33 am
by dvd3500
I never mucked with RMS as I never had a computer that I was sure I wouldn't need so I can't speak to that.
Apart from the fact that the controllers are not everyone's cup of tea and sensors only pick up black guides I think the app is very user friendly to be honest.

Since there is an easy work around, which also allows you to use it with SCX, Ninco and possibly other brands I can see this being used more than any other system out there.

The beauty of the system though is that the app can be upgraded so easily and automatically and many of the suggestions I made are fairly easy to do.

I think ARC AIR is more of a real leap forward though and of course the ARC PRO will be the cat's meow.

In general though I found the lack of info on the web about the capabilities and differences between AIR and PRO very hard to find. The best description is in the 2014 catalog that came with the set. To be blunt I also found the adverts they made a bit dull. They really don't highlight what makes the system unique, like someone posting a better time than you, or comparing cars' performances.