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Scalextric 2015

Postby wixwacing » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 12:28 pm

Scalextric have announced their range for next year, most are reliveries of existing moulds; and some, like the DBR9 and GT40 are definitely showing their age and Scaley's desperation to come up with new ideas (forgive me while I yawn)! But, there are some refreshing items to be had, some in Presentation packs only until the time comes when they will be released as stand alone models.

The following are the only ones which captch my eye.

Peugeot 205 and Metro 6R4

Both classic liveries and the first useable Peugeot possibly since the Ninco version

ATCC Mini Coopers

Some local interest here amongst the Bathurst afficianados.

VW Polo

This should fit nicely in the VW stable alongside the Carrera Golf 124

Bentley Continental GT3

This has potential if only there was a smart livery

Peugoet 205 T16

One for me please!

Ford RS200 'Belga'

And this one!

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