Slotcar Legends Octoberfest!

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Slotcar Legends Octoberfest!

Postby wixwacing » Wed 22 Sep, 2010 11:13 pm

Hi all

The next round of Slotcar Legends racing is at Sue and John's at Narangba on Saturday October the 2nd 1.00 pm for a 3.00 pm start.

Classes are,

1. Touring Cars - motor class 'A'

2. Track Owners Choice - Le Mans GT1/2/3 Motor class 'C'

3. Round 1 - Classic Can-Am cup - For 'spyders' only

This is the final list
McLaren M6                     McLaren M8                     Lola T70 spyder
Porsche 917/10 spyder Porsche 917/30 spyder Shadow Mk2/3
BRM P167 Chapparal 2E/G/H/J Lola T160
Lola T163 Lola T260 Lola T310
Ferrari 612/P Porsche 917 spyder March 707
McLaren M20 Lola T190/220 Ferrari 712
McLaren M1a/b/c Cooper Ford Shadow DN4
Shelby King Cobra Lola T162 BRM P154
McLaren M12a Lola T222 Alfa Romeo T33/3
Ferrari 712M Shadow DN2

All cars to race with their original spec motor with the exception of Vanquish models which may use the Ninco NC5 motor


See you there!

When I'm not racing slotcars,
I'm out in the back yard, burning food!!

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