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Racing from the RCE

PostPosted: Thu 14 Dec, 2017 11:34 pm
by wixwacing
The long awaited classic F1 cars made an appearance at RCE last Saturday night and the racing was spectacular with over 14 different cars racing throughout the evening on the Carrera track with reduced voltage (10 volts) , most cars ran standard tyres and we’re almost as fast as the MJK tyre shod Cars and surprisingly not one type of car was any faster than others, with one exception “Kiwi Mikes Lotus 72 managed an incredibly fast lap in the low sixes, other notable cars spotted were Brabham BT26A-3, driven by Jacky Ickx, a Lotus 72 driven by Ian Scheckter , a couple of Mclarens M7c drivers John Surtees and Jo Bonnier, plus a Tyrell 002 driven by the Stig, who failed to win by the way,but what fun was had by all the drivers who attended and for next year a F1 championship will be held with one race every month and points awarded as per the last series of BTCC cars.The Racing was very enjoyable from start to finish and with lower voltage any accidents were minor and no serious damage occurred to any cars, so start preparing your cars for the 2018 F1 series, with top prizes on offer for the top teams !
The BTCC series came to an end and the results were incredibly close the winner, after 9 rounds, both on the timber track and the Carrera track, by a margin of just 2 points was Barry (Honda/BMW) who gained a total of 84 points, second place went to Grant, (VW, MG, Honda, BMW) on 82 points, and third place went to Kiwi Mike, (Honda) on 81 points, fourth place was Wicks Racing,( Phil who finished with 80 points, (BMW, VW) , so out of 9 teams that competed and over 9 rounds, the final placing scale down to the very last round! How’s that for close racing! A lot to be said about one make racing classes!

The final meeting of the year will be held on December 23rd with the following classes

Class 1 Ninco NC1 GT Cars (board track)
Class 2 Slot it Group C Cars (Carrera track)
Class 3 Sports Sedans (open class, max rpm 20k) Board Track
Class 4 Group 2 Rally Cars (Board track)
Class 4A Carrera 1/24 Cars (Carrera Track)

Practice from 1pm Racing from 3pm
The usual refreshments will be available all day
Any questions call Chris 0404927381