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Racing at Eagleby

PostPosted: Mon 14 Aug, 2017 9:05 pm
by wixwacing
Racing at Racing Cars@Eagleby

News from Racing Cars Eagleby, another good turn out on Sat night with 9 racers turning up to race in the NC1 GT class, F1 on lower voltage (11) turned out to be popular, and classic Bathurst saw a wide variety of cars on the Carrera track with Minis, Bmw 2002 , Toranas, Falcons just to mention a few!

The last class of course being the 1/24 scale GT cars with the king, Wal finally losing his crown to non other than the mighty Kenny Racing Team who also managed to beat the Stig in two heats, ( this is not a misprint!) We had a newcomer named Kevin who showed great promise and hopefully he will return next meeting,

In the NC1 GT class the Stig was dominant as expected even after his holiday, and using four different cars also set the fastest lap, most impressive newcomer is Grant who has now managed to win some heats, along with Mark, good on you guys, F1 racing was really good, and Wal with a newly purchased Williams F1 from the Stig went on to win all his heats and the race! Good value car there Wal!

All in all a really great days/night racing, and of course scones, pies, sausage rolls, pizza was served all day long! So,want some fun? Make sure you attend the next meeting at RCE on August 19th! ------------contact or call 0404 3806 3233