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Postby wixwacing » Sun 14 Feb, 2016 1:37 pm

Hi All

Generally a good turn out last night with 12 in attendance and some good classes on the board. First up was the surprise Carrera Hot Rod ten lap challenge, not sure who won it but judging by the expression on the racers faces, they were either having fun or had a severe bout of wind!

Next up was the Cartrix Historic GP and again some very competetive racing and most models generally equal. A potential threat from Brett's Super Squalo did not materialise after his model turned decidedly sick from its first heat on!!?? It has been proved that the later Cartrix Models with the FF Slimline motor model can be raced with the TX1's providing they are raced off position 2 on the power controllers. I'll monitor it over the coming months and if all is OK we might include it in the class under the above conditions.

Next up was Classic/Historic Bathurst here. Again the new handicapping system worked well and was a lot easier for me to manage. In future, as well as a lane sticker, each model will have a white sticker on the roof with its handicap position written on it, this will save me having to keep tabs at the start of each heat. Well done to Steve for pushing the h/c for Toranas up another notch, I can see him making lots of friends very quickly!

Next up was classic NASCAR and again a good selection of models and some fast times to compete against. Monogram models seem to dominate but in the past it has been proven that a well prepared Carrera is just as capable of taking line honours.

Last class was LMP's and most models were mainstream. this is one of the few classes which allow slot it models and it proved they were not dominant on the day. My greatest surprise was my RX42b powered SCX Ferrari 333 best lap of 6.6 secs and a race average of 6.8 secs. There were also plenty of other quick models on the track which ensured no one could releax for a minute.

Other news,

Under the 'Back to Basics' guidelines introduced on the first of January one racer was cautioned for racing a model which contravened guidelines section 3

· Wheel diameters must be scale, pertaining to the model or its period.

· Replacement alloy wheels will be size compliant with wheels they replace.

· Alloy wheels should be finished with decorative inserts where they are available.

A racer was classified as DNF for racing a non class car in at least one heat.

A racer was revoked his final position and given a DNF classification for racing a model not in the recommended manufacturers guide and also for alloy wheel insert infringements.

I have spotted a couple of anomilies in the guidelines which haven't affected us yet so I will endeavour to tidy them up and isue an update in the next few days

Well done to Steve P who has taken to this track like a proverbial duck to water and I can only see him building on his successes to date.

All else was good and I am sure the majority of us had a ball in spite of the late finish.

Many thanks to Fritz's beloved for furnishing us with the best cupcakes this side of Capetown and of course to the host for allowing us into his home once again for this event. See you all in a fortnight


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