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Racing at Birkdale Raceway

PostPosted: Fri 09 May, 2014 5:18 pm
by wixwacing
Hi all

Garry Johnson has kindly agreed to have another 1/32 race evening at his home in Birkdale. Not only is it a good evenings racing but can also be an opportunity to set up your cars for racing at Four seasons over the weekend

Arrive 6.30 p.m. onwards on Friday the 16th May (no earlier please)

Classes at Garry's will be

Modern GT                    (Motor class SCL Gp2 < 18000 rpm )

Gp 5 sedans (Motor class SCL Gp3 motor < 21,500 rpm) i.e. orange motor

Remember this is a magnabraid track so only ONE magnet per model. If the model comes with two magnets like some Revells and Carreras then one will need to be removed.

Questions to me via the Outhouse

Garry's address will only be given out on personal inquiry and not publicly, If you need these details, again, contact me here or another group member who knows it. There is a nominal race fee of $5.00 and at this stage there will only be soft drink available on site . Please make your own eating arrangement.