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Racing from Red Racer with Slotsquad!

PostPosted: Wed 28 Nov, 2012 6:59 pm
by wixwacing
_____ S L O T S Q U A D - R E A D Y S E T G O ! ____

Saturday 1st December 2012.

Lucas's - Red Racer

Practice from 2.00pm ____Engines Race at 4.00pm


(1) Modern Grand AM / Daytona Prototypes (Rolex Series)

Call Bob if unsure of Grand AM details or Google - Wikipedia

(2) Modern Formula One (No carts, no Indi, no A1)

(3) Mercedes Challenge - Round 2.

Usual Rules !

and Motor Class Open, Standed Normal Tyres, Magnet Track.

B.Y.O Catering, plus Lucas has Snacks, Pies and Goodies avaliable. Pizza's can be ordered if everyone agrees.

From Bob, Ken and Lucas.