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SEQSCC results October

Postby wixwacing » Sat 09 Oct, 2010 3:10 pm

Once again the SEQSCC made their way to (g)Raceville to do their best on the extended circuit. A regular bunch of die-hards who won’t take no for an answer and the Graceville track is just the track not to take no for an answer on! A good bunch of classes and a good bunch of blokes ensured a good evening, and to kick off it was American Muscle. Before the racing started we did a bit of bench racing in the refreshments room. I was lightly oiling a new purchase and as part of that process I had supported 60% of my meagre body weight on one of the racing benches. Unannounced, the bench gave way and the bench, myself and at least four boxes of slotcars succumbed to gravity and plummeted floorward. I ended up in a small pile of slotcars spread about me. Fortunately, none sustained life threatening injuries.

Back to the racing and there was a good selection to choose from here but the Scaley cars were always going to be the front runners and sure enough if you weren’t racing a Scaley… weren’t racing.
Opening heats saw Peter H cruise to a comfortable victory and in heat two, having to race a borrowed model as I had inadvertently left my race box at home (Duhhhhh!), I manage a comfortable win over the others. Heat three saw newcomer Michael take his first victory beating a much faster Peter S

Event 1		American Muscle			13 laps

Race 1

Pos. Driver Best lap
1. Peter H 22.0
2. Peter J 34.6
3. Andrew 25.1
4. Peter S 34.6

Race 2

1. Phil 21.7
2. Moby 25.3
3. Ken 25.6
4. Noel 27.3

Race 3

1. Michael 23.7
2. Noel 26.7
3. Mark 25.9
4. Peter S 21.3

Next up was classic GP and once again Scaley cars were going to be hard to beat. The little Coopers and Ferrari 156’s are very quick and have the drop in larger models in corners and gratuitous wiggly bits, of which there are plenty. This time it was Ken’s chance to get his own back as he fought off the rest in a close race. Peter H took his first win of the evening in a very open race and Noel was jubilant beyond all reason when he had a surprise win in his heat against much quicker (but obviously inconsistent) opponents.

Event 2		Classic GP			9 laps

Race 4

1. Ken 24.2
2. Moby 25.1
3. Andrew 25.5
4. Phil 26.5

Race 5

1. Peter H 26.9
2. Peter S 29.9
3. Gary 31.3
4. Peter J 29.5

Race 6

1. Noel 29.2
2. Adrian 25.6
3. Mark 40.5?
4. Michael 40.2

Next up was the Chinese water torture in the form of Scaley Beetles. Finely tuned to just drivable conditions and 70+ metres to contend with!! If you can crack a 30 second lap here you will get a dope test in parc ferme. There were a couple of quick laps recorded but this was put down to drivers going through the lights on the wrong lane, and there was plenty of that, I can assure you! Anyhow, Gary shone in the first race and took his red beetle to line honours on red lane. Next race Saw Peter J trounce the opposition in a textbook drive with steely resolve. I managed a comfy drive and stopped for smoko at half race distance before crossing the line well in front.

Event 3			Scaley Beetles    ? laps

Race 7

1. Gary 33.3
2. Andrew 33.3
3. Moby 22.3? Stewards enquiry!
4. Peter H 28.6

Race 8

1. Peter J 34.1
2. Adrian 34.2
3. Michael 39.1
2. Peter S 33.5

Race 9

1. Phil 29.5
2. Mark 33.6
3. Andrew 43.6
4. Noel 38.1

A novelty was next up, the SEQSCC Carrera Muscle race. Four pristine Carrera muscle cars, Pontiacs Plymouths etc, for the driving of and many chrome parts to recover after! Fortunately it was only for three laps and the ordeal was soon over.

Event 4			Carrera Muscle			3 laps

Race 10

1. Peter H 36.3
2. Michael 41.4
3. Moby 40.7
4. Andrew 40.6

Race 11

1. Phil 29.1
2. Peter J 40.7
3. Adrian 35.0
4. Noel 38.2

Last up was the much awaited DTM class. An opportunity to put something sleek and low on the track and give it a thrashing. A good mix of models too. Scaley, Carrera SCX etc. I scrounged an SCX Mercedes from Julian and spent several minutes getting it ‘up to spec’. The rest of the field was ready to go and at fifteen laps, this wasn’t going to be a cake walk! Gary got the measure of his model and before long he and Adrian were streets out in front. Peter H once again became the quiet achiever and drove a steady race with no competition. The last race saw Adrian make up numbers and give me an extremely hard time for the first several laps. Eventually a forced error caused him to come off and give me a breathing space. A couple of times he fought his way back but each time he deslotted when within cooee of me. He finally shortened the gap to a few metres but by then it was lap 15 and home sweet home. On the way to the finish we both put in some epic laps.

Event  4			DTM			15 laps

Race 12.

1. Gary 22.1
2. Adrian 22.3
3. Noel 27.8
4. Michael 31.5

Race 13

1. Peter H 21.1
2. Andrew 24.4
3. Moby 26.5
4. Peter J 29.7

Race 14

1. Phil 19.6
2. Adrian 20.7
3. Julian 24.4
4. Peter S 25.0

During one of the intervals Mark re inaugurated the SEQSCC challenge. Originally a race prepared Autoart Mazda RX8, it was no where to be found. Obviously someone wanted it more than Mark! A new model was purchased in the form of a diecast Morris Minor with a slotcar chassis, now this is going to hurt! A single car five lap dash and best lap to go on record, well. I was up first and the first laps were always going to be about testing the car. There was no practicing before hand and it was cold turkey on the track. After five laborious laps the ordeal was over. I don’t recall how many seconds the best lap took….somewhere about forty two I think. Anyway, it was recorded and Adrian was up next. Adrian spent a lot of time being marshalled but he did eventually manage a hot lap, cornering on two wheels and getting the marshalls from their seat. He passed the finish line several minutes later and the best lap wa recorded. A couple of tenths slower than my time. What will the future bring!!

Another great night of alternative slotcar racing and a lot of smiling faces at the end of the night. If you would like to get a personal invite to SEQSCC racing, it takes place at Graceville on the first Monday of each month and you don’t need a box full of cars to take part, contact me at or PM me this board!!!

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