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Postby wixwacing » Tue 06 May, 2014 5:55 pm

If you are a keen scratch builder like me you will have noticed that how, in recent times, the supply of 1/32 bodies has burgeoned; all to our advantage. So, to help those who are looking for their next project, I have spent some time compiling a list of commercial body makers and retailers. If you can't find what you are looking for amongst these then I suggest you are looking for a needle in a haystack!! Anyway, have a troll through these and please let me know of any additions I may have missed; and most importantly, broken links. Note that this is a list of manufacturers who produce a quality product and not back-yarders whose moulding skills are disputable!

Shadowfax Slotcars

A fledgling company producing resin pre-war GP cars of first class quality. You also get a couple of chassis options, one of which has effective operational steering!

Pre Wing - classic slotcar bodies

Classic F1 pre wing bodies from the sixties

Ditech resin bodies

Group 5 and classic motor sport in HO/1/32 &1/24

Pendle Slot Racing

A plethora of models every shape and size!

Penelope Pitlane

Classic open wheelers at their best.

George Turner models

What can I say, the master of all things resin! Kits for assembly

T & T Hobbies

A nice cross section.

RMS Resins

Some classic North American Muscle

FPF Models

Some nice pre ad open wheelers amongst these.


A small but unusual selection from the Iberian peninsula.

Proto Slot-Kit

Available as painted or unpainted kits

Prestige Slot Kit

Available as painted or unpainted kits


Available as painted or unpainted kits.


Available as painted or unpainted kits

Betta & Classics

Some nice classic fibre glass bodies amongst the vac-forms

Resin bodies on ebay

A fair cross section of what is currently available

Bitume kits

Classic slot cars, currently producing theNissan R382 1969

Hispania Slot

Models of DAKAR raid cars across the decades (no scale evident)

Superjet Slotcars

A one off model, the MFP Pursuit Special. Look out Mad Max, we're coming to get you!

GP Miniatures

Classic 60's Aston Martins of every shape with a few other makes thrown in!

Please send me a link of your favourite resin body/kit maker/s!

to be continued...

When I'm not racing slotcars,
I'm out in the back yard, burning food!!

When I win, it's because of my talent, not my car or my controller!
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