Glue and true baby , glue and true !!!

Squeezing out those last few tenths

Glue and true baby , glue and true !!!

Postby paulthetexan » Sat 27 Nov, 2010 6:37 pm


Have you ever disregarded advice only to find much later that it makes a bigger difference than you thought ?

Recently I attended a local race night at one of our club members tracks ( Ninco Magnet ) and was suprised to find I was having one of those magic nights where your cars seem to be running an extra 2000 revs and an extra magnet . Now normally we don't run magnet as most of our tracks are board , so when it was time to prep a few cars I thought I was struggling a bit . You know the story , find a couple of cars that aren't full of lead , look in the parts bin for a few rubber tyres that haven't gone hard , a couple of drops of oil and away you go .

However , because the only spare rubber tyres I had seemed past their use buy date ( still soft but over stretched , loose and baggy ) I decided to glue them to the rims so they wouldn't throw off the rim down the straight or on hard cornering . So what did I have ?
A pair of old well worn BRM's and a pair of old P3s . Now these tyres would have to be 18 months - 2 years old by now . Both sets were reasonably soft but so loose they just slipped onto the rims . I simply dipped a scalple blade into a puddle of super glue and fed it in between the tyre and the rim .

For some reason or maybe many reasons our local group doesn't glue tyres onto rims . Maybe its because our tracks are small to medium in size , maybe because alot of guys swap tyres between cars or maybe because you don't want to ruin those nice rims that make the cars so good to look at . What ever the reason , I'm convinced that there is a valuable performance advantage that I have overlooked in the past and I feel that quite a few local lads have as well . So , give it a go on a couple of cars and see how they come up . At the very least it will make truing tyres alot easier .

And how did the Ninco Racing pan out ? Winners are Grinners Baby , Winners are Grinners !!!

See you soon
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Re: Glue and true baby , glue and true !!!

Postby dangermouse » Sun 28 Nov, 2010 9:24 pm

Good tip Paul

I have tried superglue but have also used black silicone window sealer to glue tyres on -seems to work

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